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SilverStripe module: Def_MailTools

So, yesterday I was telling you about my adventures in Git. I linked to the first project I put onto GitHub. Today, I’m giving you some extra info on using it.

It’s a module for the SilverStripe CMS. With this module you can send mails through an SMTP server. You will also be able to use the SendGrid service.

SendGrid uses an extra mail header in which you can set multiple recipients. Instead of your server having to send all these mails, SendGrid will do it for you. You also gain a lot of extra features like categories and a white listed mailserver.


Installation of the module is really easy:

  1. Drag the module folder into the root of your SilverStripe site.
  2. While logged in to the admin, run dev/build to let SilverStripe know your classes exist.


Here are some examples on how to use the module:

Things I still want to do

This is the first defunkt.nu module I make public, so I guess you might see room for improvement. Please let me know what you think, here or on Github Issues.

The module uses quite a few existing classes. To the people who coded those: thanks for the hard work:

Edit: Apparently, there already is a Postmark module for SilverStripe on Github. Will have to check that out to see if it makes sense now for me to add support in my module.



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